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How long will I need to follow the wellness protocols?

It took me about six months to get well, but the length of time you will need to follow the protocols depends on how long you have been ill and what you've been through. Some people go on my protocols longer. Some people go on them for approximately six months and then they go on a revised version of them. Some people want to stay on them for the rest of their lives. You really need to follow your body and see what's really happening there.

What should I know before I have chemotherapy?

Read carefully ALL the material your doctor is required to give you before you sign releases to begin chemotherapy. Basically, chemotherapies are experimental drugs that may kill some of the cancer and will kill many of your healthy cells and tissues. The immune system is particularly hit hard and often does not recuperate enough to adequately protect you from common illnesses.

Chemotherapy is for killing things, including killing the body. I truly believe that years from now we will look back on chemotherapy like we now view blood-letting in years gone by. In as short as 20 years we will look back and classify chemotherapy as a primitive practice.

I remember hearing a story where they were curing Childhood Leukemia. Everyone in the news was all excited about it a couple of years ago, so I decided to look up the figures on it. They were curing 6% of Childhood Leukemia. Even placebos work about 30% of the time. They were having less success then if they had done nothing.

Chemotherapy needs to be done based on your knowledgeable choice. If you truly, absolutely, believe 100% that chemotherapy will cure you, then I believe the mind is very powerful and that's what needs to happen. But, if you have any doubts, and you believe chemotherapy is dangerous and poisonous, it would be very unwise and risky for you to use chemotherapy under those circumstances.

What do I do if I've already had Chemotherapy?

If you are still experiencing nausea you may not be able to keep much down. Taking the Essiac Tea is essential, then the System Cleanse Tea. Add the other herb formulas as you are able.

I have met people who have had chemotherapy and they have gone on my protocols. In fact, there was a gal who was very sick. She had double mastectomies and she had breast cancer that had metastasized to the liver and bone. She had done the maximum amount of chemotherapy and they had sent her home to die from the University of Utah.

She started my protocols and within two weeks she went to church for the first time in six months. Six weeks later she went on her dream vacation with her husband. She is still alive, it's been years now. Her cancer is completely gone, her only problem is that she feels she will die of heart failure or kidney failure because her body was so damaged by the chemotherapy. She is in constant pain in her hands and feet, and in other parts of her body. She continues to use herbal formulas to strengthen those parts of the body that were so severely damaged.

Families report that people who are in a dying state, who also take the Essiac Tea, have a dramatic reduction in the amount of Morphine and other things they need to take as their body shuts down, which is such a blessing. Dying of chemo poisoning and dying of cancer with chemo is excruciatingly painful. Anything that will relieve the suffering is a blessing.

What do I do if I've already had Radiation Therapy?

Radiation is very severe on the body. It actually burns the body on the inside. Read all the material and releases your doctor is required to give you and make absolutely sure it's the thing that you believe will cure you. If you have doubts, don't do it.

If you are currently doing radiation therapy, or have had it done, you can use kelp and a thyroid formula, four capsules each three times a day, to rebuild what has been destroyed by the radiation. Continue with the rest of the cancer protocols.

What about my doctor?

There are so many doctors that are becoming open-minded and aware of the changing needs of their patients. There are also a lot of doctors who get out because of what is pushed on the medical community as far as the business-end of their practice, how to sell more, how to make more money, and not on the art of healing. Find a doctor who is in the art of healing, or at least supports you when making your decisions. If your doctor does not support you in your decisions, find another one. Remember that your doctor works for you.

You will not die without the doctor. You will not die if the doctor doesn't tell you every week that you still have cancer. We find that people who are reminded every single day, every single week, even every single month that they still have cancer and that they are dying, just speed up the process. In essence, they continue to affirm to their body and to their mind that they have cancer and that they are dying. The longer between doctor visits the better. If something is going on in your body and you have a peaceful calm about using alternative, then you need to let it work for you instead of running in every five minutes to see what happened, or to see if anything has changed.

Often times dramatic things will change very rapidly. Other times it is a slow, gradual process. You need to allow the healing process to work. It is common to see people become very discouraged upon seeing their doctor. Depression lowers the immune system, and that's the last thing you need right now.

Remember, your doctor works for you.