Angela Harris Master Herbalist

Angela Harris: Master Herbalist
Health Protocols by Angela HarrisAngela Harris: Master Herbalist

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health principals for herbal medicine

involve three interconnected strategies

The body is amazingly powerful and wants to heal itself. These three Health Protocols combine to make a self-healing program.

When: the body gets the right building elements
When: the immune system is brought to health and balance
When: elimination of disease wastes and toxins is accelerated

Then: the body can take care of itself

Now think about this, when you break your leg, the doctor doesn’t heal the break. It’s the body that mends itself, when it has enough nutrients. The body is an incredible system that seeks health, balance, and life.

To those who are afflicted with life threatening or debilitating disease, or to the loved ones of those who are suffering, there are viable health care choices. I encourage you to study and seek out what works best for you.

Please understand that I am not diagnosing, prescribing, giving medical advise or taking the place of a health care advisor. Rather, I'm only sharing what I have done myself and what others have told me has worked for them. My recommendations are intended to help you make informed choices about your own health and healing.