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A nutrient-rich diet designed to work with your body to lower dietary stress and increase nutrient assimilation. Adherence to the following healthy eating recommendations will accelerate the healing process.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables- Organically grown when possible.

~ 50% of everything you eat should be live (i.e., has not been heated).

~ Juicing is an efficient way for your body to absorb concentrated nutrients.

Green Drink - twice a day. For example: Liquid Chlorophyll, Barley Green Drink, Wheat Grass Juice, etc. Or you can juice Kale (basically tasteless, especially if you put it with some kind of juice) and different kinds of Mustard Greens (tastes very strong and bitter to some) or Spinach.

Use Whole Wheat or Other Whole-Grain Flours and Breads, Spinach or Artichoke Pastas, Brown Rice, etc.

No White Flour, White Bread, White Pasta, White Rice, Processed and separated or Bleached Grains. These bleached and chemically treated foods are distressful to your digestive system and overwork the liver.

You can use some Honey, Raw Sugar or Stevia (an herbal sweetener). Sucanet and Turbinado sugars can also be used as they have not gone through the refining process.

No Refined White Sugar

No Artificial Sweeteners

Use small amounts of Real Salt, unrefined Sea Salt, or Earth Salt, rather than Table Salt

Pepper (Black, White or Red) can be put on food AFTER the food is cooked. When heated, pepper can become carcinogenic (cancer producing).

Cancer patients: Avoid ALL Meat during therapy (with the exception of Fish which can be eaten once or twice a week). Note: If you feel you have to have some meat, do so sparingly and rarely.

For other illnesses: Use Meat sparingly and get sources of free-range fed animals without steroids and antibiotics in the tissues.

DO NOT EAT Pork or pork products.

Replace Milk with Soy or Rice Milk. No Dairy Products. Soy Milk is a wonderful choice, but make sure they are not from genetically engineered soy plants, which ends up messing up the immune system. Make sure the source of Rice Milk is from Brown Rice.

Organic eggs may be used once in a while, if from free-range-fed chickens. (In other words, without hormones in their feed).

If you feel you need more protein, you can have nuts and legumes. Spirulina (found in most health food stores) is a plant protein source in tablet form and can be taken to supplement the protein in your diet and it is so healthy for you. Eda-mames are an excellent protein source.

Use Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil when oil is needed in recipes, No Refined Oils.

Digestive Enzymes are sometimes needed for weakened digestive tracts of ill individuals, so that nutrients can be better absorbed by the body. These enzymes must be from a natural source, either Papaya or Pineapple. Take as directed, each time you eat.

No Alcohol

No Smoking

You can use Herb Teas, they are great and wonderful.

Do not use anything with Black Tea

No Caffeine.

No Genetically Engineered or Altered Foods.

A few Recipes and Ideas.