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Some of the books I have recommended don't give much credence to the power of God and the ability of our faith in Him to help us be healed. Sometimes there are other little things that are in them that aren't quite right, things I wish they could have said differently.

What I ask of you when you look at these books, is to have an open mind and follow your inspiration. Use those things that ring true to you and back away from things that just don't seem right. Don't swallow everything hook, line and sinker, but glean out what applies to you and then use these books as resources.

One thing that these books brought to the forefront for me, was how much we are in charge of our own health. Things don't just happen to us. Often it's our thought processes that make our health problems. And we can change them once we realize what they are, so we don't have to keep thinking the same wrong ways that have been making and keeping us ill.

Love, Medicine & Miracles
by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
ISBN 0-06-091983-3

When I first got cancer I had four or five people send me Love, Medicine & Miracles. I was very inspired by it and very excited about what I read. I already had an idea that I didn't want to go with main-stream medical treatments and I knew that the author was a doctor, so I took that into consideration when he recommended chemotherapy and surgery and things that I disagreed with, I just glazed over those parts.

He was able to help me realize how much we are responsible for our health. The Lord has put us in charge of our health and our thoughts and thought processes. What we think and what we do and what we say have everything to do with our health and how we are and what's bothering us. That's one thing that is really, really true, the Lord has just put that in our makeup.

Dr. Siegel teaches that we have an inner energy available to us, what I am calling "The Will to be Well". Once we are in charge of what we can control, we can move forward in confidence, rather than in distress and fear.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die. . .
by Karol K. Truman
ISBN 0911207-02-3

I was also given this book when I had cancer. I'm not comfortable with everything that she says in her book. I believe that you have to say more than just words, but I do think it is a great resource for realizing that our minds create everything that happens in our body. The best way to find out for sure, because I was very skeptical myself, is to kind of test it out.

My husband was much more unbelieving than even I was. One day he came home from visiting a sick elderly lady who had recently had a heart failure along with lots of severe heart problems and he came home and asked what the book said about it. It matched this lady's life and circumstances exactly. With that and other experiences of checking the back of the book with what was going on in people's lives and in our lives, we found it matches pretty darn well.

You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise L. Hay
ISBN 0-937611-01-8

Louise Hay's book is another one that matched up with what I could see in ours and others lives. The book has a 'New Age' twist to it and even though I don't belong to the New Age religion, I found it has great information, but if things don't set with your beliefs, disregard them as I did.

The How To Herb Book
by Velma J. Keith and Monteen Gordon
ISBN 0-9617825-0-1

This is probably the first herb book you should get if you're just getting started understanding herbs. One thing I don't agree with is how she makes salves with Vaseline, but other than that, I have found great, great information in this book.

The Little Herb Encyclopedia
by Jack Ritchason N.D.
ISBN 0-913923-89-3

The Little Herb Encyclopedia is one of the most complete reference books on numerous herbs. It is probably my favorite book. I have read it dozens and dozens of time. It has great information. I suggest that anyone who uses herbs, that wants to be totally informed on what they are putting into their body, should get this book.