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Prayer is not just a repetition of words. Prayer is not only asking. It has a lot more to do with talking over your health concerns and then being still and listening. Heavenly Father wants to hear from us. I've worked with a lot of people, some of them proclaimed atheists. I've just told them to live on what I believe. It is so important to be aware of that divine connection of a Heavenly Father, that He wants to help you and bless you and hear from you with your triumphs, and wants to give you personal inspiration for things you should be doing for your health.

It's a righteous desire to want to be well, to desire that we can function more, that we can be good productive members of society, good mothers and fathers, good brothers and sisters, employers and employees here on this earth, and we can't be, if we are not well. There is someone out there listening to us and He cares about us deeply and wants to help. There's a picture I've seen of Christ at a door, but there's no doorknob. As it was explained to me, the doorknob is on the inside. It is for us to open the door and open our hearts to that communication.

We also need to truly listen. Listening isn't usually a magical, strong something that happens, or a visitation. It's usually a peaceful calm inner feeling. Just a knowing. A lot of pondering goes with prayer. Listening sometimes can be enhanced with meditation. I spent time meditating during my cancer, and clearing my mind. Often times my thoughts went to trying to get personal revelation for what I should be doing and asking my Heavenly Father for the strength to live long enough to see my children be raised. I felt that it was a righteous desire. Still, knowing His will would be done, that it was openly up to Him, I began to realize how much power we have in our own court. The Lord wants to bless us, He wants us to get better, He wants us to be productive. I figured if I could cure my cancer and it was still my time to go, I could always be hit by a truck. I'm still waiting for that truck. It has not come yet.

As far as faith and prayer goes, it is a vital lifeline to help us overcome those things that are going on within us. For some, cancer may have been eating away at them for some time. Sometimes it is required of us to forgive and love others, even those that may have truly wronged us, before the cancer can recede. Christ said to love our neighbors and our enemies. While it's easy to love our friends, the test is in loving our enemies. Holding deep resentments can keep us from getting well. When we truly can love others, we can heal and be blessed with health again.

Preparing to Die

There are some times when people don't find out about alternative methods and information in time and their cancer progresses, or they have done chemotherapy or radiation or other things to their body that makes it such that death is inevitable.

I have seen the pains and sufferings of people who have not had the Comforter with them as their loved one passes away. I've seen their mourning and all the lamenting that goes on, all because these people don't have a belief and a true understanding that there is a life after death, and my heart goes out to them. If they could just hold on to my belief, my strong faith and conviction that I know there is a life after death.

I know that just as people come from all over to go to funerals and it seems like a big family reunion, on the other side of the veil they are having just as many family reunions. If the loved one that has passed on could just talk to us. Sometimes, if we are still enough and ponder and pray, they will whisper to us that things are okay and that they are free of pain and so comfortable with the next step of waiting. That it will be just moments, truly, before we will be there joining them. They are having a big welcome back family reunion while we are gathering to say good-bye for now.

Our next life is going to be so much easier. This is a trial life. We go through our trials and problems now. I have had some experience in this and I know for a certainty. In fact, let me bear my testimony to you that death is not something to fear, but something to actually rejoice in, as a graduation from life to life.

The sadness comes for those who are left. I've seen funerals where the Comforter has come and blessed the family, while many of those who are not members of the immediate family might not get that witness and comfort. They have a much more difficult time going on than those family members who have been touched with peace. You can visibly see a calmness over the family when they know everything is for the best and the Lord is watching over the process of coming and going.

It is important that we embrace death as a good thing, but not a premature thing. I believed it was my responsibility to do everything I could to cure my cancer. If it was still my time to die, then I could always be taken some other way.

I have heard lots of people say that they wished they had only found me before their loved one had died, or that they wished they had learned all about these alternative methods beforehand. What I say to them is that it wasn't meant to be. For some reason, that was the way their loved one needed to go, or they would have found it sooner. It is all right. It is perhaps wiser to ponder why they have found this information at this time. How might it affect their life in the future?

Death is something that is all right. When it is your time to go on, it will help your loved ones if they know you feel a peace about leaving. That peace can come to us when we know and trust the Lord who is micro-managing our life and our death. My hope for you is that you may find this peace.